Professional process facilitators drawing on thirty years of learning and practice in a range of Southern African indigenous traditions.

Twenty years of experience in the field of organisational strategy, management, facilitation and coaching for sustainability.

Niall Campbell

Over twenty five years of apprenticeship with African teachers in ancestral and nature spirits, divination and medicinal herbalism.

Process facilitation work with Cree and Algonquin traditional healers in Canada.

Co-Founder and Director of Mpanda ye Ngwenyama Traditional Healers Training School in Botswana.

Niall has developed and facilitated experiential interventions for organisations, civil servants and community workers from all over Africa and other continents.

Nicola Robins

Sustainability strategist and coach with over 15 years corporate consulting experience in Southern Africa, Australia and China.

Partner at Incite Sustainability, Senior Associate of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership and visiting lecturer at UCT Graduate School of Business.

Innovative thinker at the interface between traditional African knowledge and contemporary complexity theory.

Graduate of Yale University (MSc Industrial Environmental Management) and the Mpanda ye Ngwenyama School for Traditional Healers, Botswana.

Photo: Mark Bahlig