We are associated with the following organisations:

African Biodiversity Network

Works at a grass roots level in 11 African countries to protect both biodiversity and community livelihood through the development of strong African positions and legislation.
> http://www.africanbiodiversity.org

The Mupo Foundation

Based in Venda, South Africa, works with five local communities to preserve the traditional communal sacred sites through a programme of community ecological governance.
> http://www.africanbiodiversity.org/abn_old/partners.html

Incite Sustainability

A leading South African consultancy and thinktank advising on strategy, communications, change and innovation for sustainable development.
> http://www.incite.co.za

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Works with senior leaders internationally to help them understand and respond effectively to the most significant social and environmental challenges facing their organisations now and in the future.
> http://www.cpsl.co.za

Ngwenyama School for Traditional Healers

Traditional training school initiating students into Malombo (Venda/Shangaan), Sangoma (Tswana/ Shangaan) and Koma traditions.

Photo: Llewelyn Roderick