We facilitate the application of indigenous Southern African ideas, tools and processes to critical challenges of today. We do not teach traditional knowledge; rather we share a methodology that enables people to engage respectfully and learn from it.

We work with a range of public and private sector organisations, including government, corporates, NGOs, community-based organisations, social enterprises, and educational institutions.

We offer a series of half-day Masterclasses on:

  • Leadership
  • Climate Change
  • Resilience and the Natural Law
  • Working with conflict
  • Working with change
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Empowering Teams/
    Organisational Community

Masterclasses are structured around a mix of conceptual knowledge, robust dialogue, full engagement and deep reflection. Each class contains an experiential component. Process methodologies are used to ensure containment of the space enabling conversations to drop below surface issues. Follow-up processes promote practical application of the learning to the specific group.

Ongoing personal and group coaching processes informed by indigenous African frameworks are available.

Photo: Llewelyn Roderick